Angela Preito

K-4 Spanish

University/ Degree(s): Major: Spanish and Literature
Master: Spanish and Literature-2020
Credential: I would like to complete my Credential at St. Mary’s College, in Moraga.
Additional Certifications and Awards: Training in Montessori, teaching methods for Bilingual students and Child Development.
Why Catholic Education:I am Catholic and was educated at Catholic schools. I am certain that faith in Jesus Christ and in God are important for the spiritual development of a child, as much as the intellectual, emotional and physical growth of the student. In my life, I have found in Jesus Christ and in God spiritual comfort, emotional strength and a sense of purpose in my profession.
Why Saint Raphael School: I resonate with the SRS mission statement. SRS has the philosophy of a peaceful, positive approach to teaching, with a balance of individualized instruction and curriculum, aimed towards students' gifts, that highly interests me. High expectations and respect for oneself as well as for peers and teachers builds the confidence every student need. I would like to reiterate what a colleague said, God wanted every one of us to teach at Saint Raphael School.   
Your Classroom in one word: Kindness
Favorite Book: The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupery
What year did you start at SRS: 2019
Hobbies/favorite activities: Reading, walking in the forest, dancing, and horse riding. 
Any other information you want to share: Because I believe in community service, over a year ago, I participated in a committee to design a housing plan to help resolve the needs of the homeless in the city of Oakland. My project has been implemented under the 27th Street Bridge in Oakland.