Financial Aid

Tuition assistance for Saint Raphael School is provided from several different sources.  The Saint Raphael School offers financial aid to students based on a proven need and available funding. Financial Aid forms are available in the school office. In order to complete a financial aid application the family must bring the completed forms accompanied by all pages of your 2019 Federal Income Tax Return (including all scheduled).  All financial aid must be applied for each year.

Families interested in receiving any financial assistance are required to finish the TADS application. The TADS application takes into consideration your income vs. your expenses. When a family applies to TADs they are automatically considered for two scholarships from the SanFrancisco Archdiocese ( Archdiocesan Family Grants Program & St. Raphael Adopt-A-Student (AAS) Scholarship). In addition to financial aid from the San Francisco Archdiocese, financial aid may also be applied for from the Basic Fund, The Guardsmen, and Adopt-A-Student. For more information on the scholarship please read below or click on the links.

Create TADS Online Account and download TADS Worksheet (Serves as a guide)


  1. Through the Archdiocesan Family Grants Program, tuition assistance is available to families who reside in San Francisco and Marin County.
  2. The Tuition Reduction Committee determines the distribution of St. Raphael Adopt-A-Student (AAS) Scholarship funds. They make decisions according to guidelines developed by the Parish and the School Advisory Board. Applicants must have applied for both the Basic Fund (or The Guardsmen Scholarship) and the Archdiocese of San Francisco Family Grant Program. Families who receive tuition assistance will have their tuition reduced by the amount of AAS scholarship.

Basic Fund is available to qualifying families with a student new to a private school. For the income guidelines for basic fund click here.         

The Guardsmen  is available to qualifying families. For the guidelines for Guardsmen click here.  


Please contact Vivian Sun at 415-454-4455 ext. 203 or if you need further assistance.