Veritas Program

Saint Raphael School Veritas Program
Saint Raphael School Veritas program finds its inspiration in the words of St. Catherine of Siena, a third-order Dominican canonized in 1461, "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."

Saint Raphael School is excited to present the Veritas vision; a vision that helps students identify and develop the unique strengths that God has given them, so that they can build self-confidence and pursue their highest level of academic success.

Veritas means "truth" and it focuses on filling the hearts of our children with the self-confidence needed to succeed by realizing their true potential. The "truth" is that God has called us to do great things with our lives and with the gifts He has given us.

Veritas is building a culture of excellence at school and at home. It is instilling in students the expectation that they will always try to do their best and take pride in their work.

As part of the Veritas program, St. Raphael teachers explicitly teach and cultivate five 21st century IACCT skills: Innovation, Adaptability, Critical Thinking, Cross-cultural communication, and Teamwork.

Saint Raphael School's Veritas Program is in partnership with E3: Education Excellence and Equity ( Questions or Comments: Please feel free to contact our Veritas Program Coordinator, Ms. Francesca Previtali,