Technology in the Classroom

Computer Lab:
Saint Raphael School offers a technology curriculum to its students K-8th grade. The program, through Beyond Technology, offers integration to supplement the core subjects taught inside the classrooms. The program in taught in our fully equipped computer lab that features 25 Mac computers. Students learn to use Mircrosoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) as well as Google Drive tools. Starting in sixth grade, students also have a programming compentent. All students practice computer basics such as keyboarding skills.

In the Classroom:
Technology is also an important teaching tool in the classrooms. All of the teachers utilize SmartBoards, document cameras, and iPads.

Accelerated Reader:
We encourage students to participate in this independent reading program. Accelerated Reader (AR) helps teachers manage and monitor children's independent reading practice.

All Saint Raphael students grades K-8th are enrolled in their grade level program on the Mathletics website. IntoScience Students in grades 5th-8th grade are enrolled in the IntoScience program. This program is a digital learning resource that engages students and empowers teachers in their love of teaching science.

Studetns in grades kindergarten-5th are enrolled in this online reading program with interactive ebooks and downloadable books.