Faculty and Staff

Contact Information for Faculty and Staff

Saint Raphael's teachers are dedicated and passionate about teaching.

Lydia Collins- Principal-collins@straphaelschool.com

Claire Adams- Kindergarten-adams@straphaelschool.com
Ms. Claire Adams received her Bachelor of Liberal Studies at Sonoma State University in 2009. She returned to Sonoma State University to get her Multiple Subject Credential. She believes children are created by God as unique individuals, children learn through play and exploration, children learn problem solving skills, gain in self-confidence, and develop their own creativity when they are actively involved in their learning, and that children thrive with age-appropriate activities that stimulate their desire for knowledge.

Kathy Murray- First Grade Teacher-murray@straphaelschool.com 
Mrs. Kathy Murray has been teaching at Saint Raphael School since 2003. She began teaching Kindergarten and then moved to first grade, which she has taught for seven years. Mrs. Kathy Murray received her Bachelor’s Degree from Dominican University, as well asmaher teaching credential. she believes in creating a classroom environment where the students feel cared for by their teacher and each other. Her teaching philosophy is that learning should be fun and interesting. She believes in discovering each student’s strengths, as well as the areas that need growth. Mrs. Kathy Murray promotes consistency, responsibility, cooperation and communication. She loves teaching at Saint Raphael School because she had the opportunity to teach her students about God’s love and the many gifts that we have received, as well as how we can share that love and those gifts with each other.
Aileen Stoddard- Second Grade Teacher-  stoddard@straphaelschool.com
Ms. Stoddard received her bachelors degree in liberal studies from Sonoma State in 2014. After graduation she did an internship in Dublin, Ireland with a volunteer teaching program. Her position was in a Junior Infant Class, similar to a Transitional Kindergarten here. She gained so much insight on how each child’s culture can influence their learning, and she was amazed at how much she learned from the children. Ms. Stoddard brought this philosophy of learning from the children with her. She returned to Sonoma State, and received her teaching credential in 2016. She feel honored to have become a part of the Saint Raphael's community, where she sees this same philosophy of honoring each child, being fostered in the school.

Chelsea Mcnally- Third Grade Teacher-mcnally@straphaelschool.com
 Ms. Chelsea McNally attended Loyola Marymount University(LMU) and majored in Liberal Studies with an emphasis on Education and a concentration in English. She received her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential after completing her four years at LMU . Ms. McNally believes that all students should work collaboratively to learn from each others experiences. It is important that the students feel in charge of their learning and comprehend exactly what they are learning. Ms. McNally is very excited to be working at St. Raphael School. She loves to be back in her hometown and to be part of this great community.
 Teresa Collins- Fourth Grade Teacher- tcollins@straphaelschool.com
 Ms. Teresa Collins received her Bachelor's degree in Biology from Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. She is currently pursing a Master's in Education through Western Governors University. For the past 4 years she has been living in Jackson, Wyoming where she worked as a reading specialist and special education paraprofessional for Teton County School District. She believes that every student has a unique, individual learning style and that it is the educator's job to help students discover what that is while also fostering a desire to continue to learn and grow.
Sarah Jensen- Fifth Grade Teacher & Assistant Principal-jensen@straphaelschool.com
Mrs. Sarah Jensen attended University of California Davis and majored in Human Developmenr with a  minor in Education. She continued her education to receive a multiple subject credential from the University of California Davis. Mrs. Sarah Jensen mission is to foster success for all children, their families, and the community by encouraging high academic standards in a positive, safe environment through hard work, personal responsibility, respect for others, honesty, and cooperation.
Katie Kyne- Sixth through Eighth Grade Literature- kyne@straphaelschool.com
Ms. Kyne has her BA in Language, Culture, and Society from UCSB and received her teaching credential from CSU Monterey Bay. Ms. Kyne teaches 6, 7, 8 English/Writing and Literature

Francesca Previtali- Fifth through Eighth Grade Religion Teacher & Assistant Principal-previtali@straphaelschool.com
Ms. Previtali is a native to Marin County and a former Catholic school student herself. After receiving degrees in both Psychology and Religious Studies from Gonzaga University, she complete the teaching credential program at Domincan University. She believes in the importance of making a faith-based, academically challenging curriculum accessible to all students, and that a teacher should encourages students to reach their highest potential in all areas of life. She believes a school should partner with parents in a united effort to raise children to be loving, service driven leaders for the world. 

Gavin Madden- Sixth through Eighth Social Studies & Kindergarten through Eighth Grade P.E.- madden@straphaelschool.com
Mr. Gavin Madded is entering his 14th year teaching, eleven of those years have been in Marin County Catholic schools. Mr. Madden received a BA in psychology from Menlo College and his multiple subject teaching credential from Dominican University. He love the daily interaction with the students, and the real conversations that take place in his classroom. 
Shannon Mckown- Sixth through Seventh Grade Science & Sixth through Eighth Grade Math- mckown@straphaelschool.com
Mrs. Shannon Mckown  believes that when students connect to a project or a person they are inspired to reach beyond themselves students discover new abilities and interests. She was born in San Francisco, and spent most of her life in Marin. Her first teaching job was teaching windsurfing in Sausalito. When she was a junior in High School, Mrs. Mcknown started tutoring fellow high school students in Mathematics. She has been teaching middle school math in Marin since 2005, and then added teaching science to her repertoire.
Danielle Dixon- Office Manager- office@straphaelschool.com
Mrs. Danielle Dixon, through various avenues has taught adults and children. Her interest in teaching was sparked when she worked as the Art Workshop Director at The Paper Source. This lead her to College of Marin, where she obtained her Early Childhood Education Certification. Her love for teaching grew, and she continued her education at Dominican University, where she studied Humanities and Cultural Studies, while focusing on child development and education. Mrs. Dixon believes that students learn through exploring the creative process. She believes that this allows students to use their minds in different ways; developing new methods of thinking and propelling them to excel.  Mrs. Dixon runs a child focused classroom, giving each student the support they deserve to succeed at Saint Raphael School.  
 Lauren Hughes- Assistant Office Manager- office@straphaelschool.com

Christina Morales- Extended Care Coordinator-morales@straphaelschool.com

Computer Teacher- Chalie Hayes
Robynn Curtis- Music Teacher- curtis@straphaelschool.com
Mrs. Robynn Curtis attended Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wisconsin and received a bachelor’s degree in music education. Music is a subject that can be carried on throughout anyone’s life, so she strives to make an environment where students can create, understand, and appreciate music. She loves to teach at St. Raphael School because she can share her passion for music with students all of different ages. 
 5th-8th Grade Spanish Teacher
 Marga Tardon- Kindergarten-4th Grade Spanish Teacher- tardon@straphaelschool.com
Marga is a native of Madrid, Spain, where she studied Labor Law. She changed careers and studied her Masters Degree in Professional Education at Saint Joseph’s University, in Philadelphia. Marga volunteered at UCSF Children’s Hospital playing with chronic sick kids and she worked as a bilingual early interventionist for the Golden Gate Regional Center. Marga also holds an Early Childhood Certificate by UCLA.
Marga wants to instill the love of learning to her students and share her passion for her native language by teaching them the variety of the Spanish language. She likes her students to learn through games, art, crafts, and hands-on activities. She believes every student brings something unique to the classroom, and she wants to help them developing respect for themselves and others. Marga likes to teach at Saint Raphael School because she feels she went back to her own schooling. She is also thankful for working with a great team of teachers.