Curriculum Enhancement

Core Subjects:

  • Religion
  • English/Writing
  • Reading/Literature
  • Vocabulary/Spelling
  • Handwriting
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies/History
  • Science

In addition to teaching the core subjects, Saint Raphael's offers several speciality classes to provide a broad education to benefit the "whole child," and discover who God meant them to be.

  • Art- Students K-8th attend weekly Art class where they explore various mediums from painting, drawing, and innovative materials to learn concepts such as color theory, shading techniques, and drawing perspective.
  • Music- Students K-8th have weekly music class. They learn to read sheet music, as well learning how many beats are in a measure. Starting in 3rd grade, students learn how to play the recorders. All grades perform prepared songs for the Christmas Concert.
  • Spanish- Students K-8th attend Spanish class twice a week. As students move their way through the program, students knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, writing, and speaking are enhanced.
  • Physical Education- Students K-8th participate in P.E. class twice a week. In the lower grades, the focus is on practicing motor skills and in the higher grades they are exposed to various athletic sports and team games.
  • Computers- Students grade 1st-8th grade are taught once a week in the computer lab. The focus is on Microsoft Office programs that Beyond Technology provides.

Outdoor Education:

  • 5th grade participates in a one night retreat to CYO Camps Outdoor Environmental Education program. Student in the 5th grade spend the night at CYO Camp. There they build upon a student's academic understanding, they develop effective communication skills. CYO Camp fosters healthy growth and development through positive relations with self, others, nature, and God.
  • 6th grade attends Walker Creek Outdoor Education Program for three nights. Students learn about the natural world through hands-on experience and exploration of our diverse property. Curriculum is aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. The program is designed to encourage a deeper connection to nature and inspire stewardship of our earth.
  • 8th grade attends a retreat in Yosemite for two nights. This is a once-in-a-life-time educational and character building trip for the 8th grade. This trip will take students to Yosemite National Park and offer students in the opportunity to learn hands-on science in one of the worlds most stunning geologic wonders. The mission of this outdoor education is to provide 8th grade students with experiential learning that will enhance their awareness and scientific understanding of the natural world and their connection to it. It also provides opportunities for social growth, self-reliance, and team work.
  • Grades K-8th go on field trips throughout the year. Popular field trip sites that Saint Raphael students attend include the zoo, Angel Island, Audubon Canyon Ranch, de Young Museum, Chabot Space Center, nature centers, and other community agencies such as the fire station and local businesses. Field trips provide alternative educational opportunities for children, along with giving students educational experiences away from their regular school environment.