Spiritual Life

Spirituality at Saint Raphael School is practiced throughout each and every school day.

  • Students begin the day with morning prayer and reading from the Bible
  • Students are instructed in Religion daily.
  • The entire student body recites the St. Francis "Prayer for Peace" after lunchtime recess.
  • Students in grades K through 8 attend Mass every week and the entire school attends Mass and Prayer Services throughout the school year.
  • Finally, students are chosen to be part of a school Liturgy Committee. The Liturgy Committee helps to plan the school masses and prayer services. Grades 1 through 8 perform different ministries for the masses and prayer services by serving as lectors, providing hospitality, contributing to the environment, creating the worship aid and more.
  • Living the Gospel and acting as Jesus' disciples is demonstrated throughout the campus by students, staff and parent volunteers..