Service Hours

All families attending St. Raphael School are required to perform 40 hours of service each school year. Special arrangements are made for single parent families. Any and all hours you volunteer count.

Link to PDF service form click here

Service to the school can be done in many ways:

  • working at school events like the Halloween Dance, Back-to-School Picnic, Annual Auction and Dinner Dance, etc.
  • helping teachers with special projects
  • volunteering in the classroom
  • driving on field trips
  • helping with special projects around the school
  • performing Yard Duty
  • Hot Lunch volunteers
  • serving as a Room Parent, an Officer of the PTG Board or as a member of the Principal's Advisory Committee

15 of the 40 hours must be performed in some fundraising activity such as assisting the Annual Auction and Dinner Dance, gift wrap sales, Marin Human Race, etc.

Only 10 hours of service to the Preschool will be counted.

Service hour log sheets can be found in the office and must be turned into the Service Hours Coordinator in order to receive credit for hours of service performed. A summary of hours will be sent to each family by the Service Hours Coordinator half way through the school year, usually at Christmas vacation. Another summary will be sent home at the end of the school year. If your family does not fulfill your Service obligations you will be billed at a rate of $25.00 per hour. This is payable at the end of the school year.

Pro-rated hours will be computed for families who join the school mid-year.

How do I find volunteer opportunities?:

Please check the weekly bulletin because most opportunities are posted there first. Check with your room parent for classroom volunteer opportunities and finally check in the Office on the bulletin board.

Please note: Each family is responsible for reporting any volunteer hours they have worked. Event Coordinators keep a record of volunteer hours worked but they do not report hours on your behalf. It is very important that you sign in with the Event Coordinator at each and every volunteer activity. This is your way to ensure your hours count. Remember to report your hours so that you receive credit for them. Hours should only be submitted for time volunteered and not for items donated. Hours should not be submitted for children accompanying adult volunteers. Food and beverages are often served at events to raise funds for our school. If your family is volunteering at such an event and wishes to enjoy a meal, please purchase food/beverage tickets in advance. SCRIP and Escrip purchases no longer count towards volunteer hours.

Should I stop counting at 40 hours?:

No! Please track and turn in all hours even if you have over 40 hours. Saint Raphael School is eligible for grants based upon family involvement, so all your work counts!

Auction Committee

The Auction Committee is a subcommittee of the Parent Teacher Guild made up of parent volunteers. The main Function of the Auction Committee is to organize and promote the Saint Raphael School Annual Auction, the largest fundraiser at our school. This is an event during which many parents have an opportunity to get service hours both at school and at home.

The Auction Committee includes the following positions:

  • PTG President
  • Auction Chairperson
  • Solicitations Chairperson
  • Silent Auction Chairperson
  • Live Auction Chairperson
  • Decorations Coordinator
  • Food Coordinator
  • Wine/bar Coordinator
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Basket Coordinator
  • Set-up Chairperson
  • Login Chairperson
  • Check-in Chairperson
  • Check-out Chairperson
  • Table Monitor Chairperson
  • Data Entry Chairperson