Weekly Letter from Our Principal

"The LORD is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth." Psalm 145:18 

Dear Saint Raphael Parents and Friends,

Last weekend I saw whales. I saw spy hopping whales poking their massive heads above the surface of the ocean in an incredibly beautiful dance. It seemed like a water show with spouting water coming from many whales’ blow holes off shore. After years of visiting this same beach, I finally saw the whales!

I realize now that the whales were always out there. I missed them partly because I didn’t know what to look for or where to look, and partly because I was usually looking at what was right in front of me.

God is not a whale, but I feel that God is out there all the time and often we don’t see Him. Is it because we don’t know where to look? or is it because we are too preoccupied with those things that distract us, like the media, relationships, work, money, or a routine that has us “busy” all the time?

It is time for us to look for God’s presence in our lives and to point out His presence to our children. God’s creation is an easy place to find Him, but it means taking time to watch a sunset with your child. God can be present in the kindness of a stranger or the time a friend takes to listen to your burdens. The ultimate God-moment is when Jesus offers us himself in the Eucharist. It is time to look for God’s presence in our lives and not to miss these magnificent moments.

This Thursday is the kick-off for our October Fun-Run. The assembly will take place in the gym right after our morning prayer at 8 am. Parents are welcome to check out the energy and enthusiasm of our organizing partners as well as learn about opportunities for service hours as you help with this fundraiser.

The next PTG meeting is also on Thursday at 6 pm in the library. Don’t miss it!

Whales are remarkably big, so I can’t believe that I missed them. God is remarkably present in our lives, so let’s not miss the invitation to “set the world on fire” with the power of his love.

Lydia Collins, Principal

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