Weekly Letter from our Principal


“Love beauty, it is the shadow of God on the universe.”   Gabriela Mistral, Chilean poet/educator


Dear Saint Raphael Parents & Friends:


Our children sang beautifully at Mass last week!  Yes, I cried, because sometimes beauty touches our soul.  The children lined up in the labyrinth area and pointed out the rainbow above the church after one of our many rainstorms.  Sometimes our children see beauty before we do.


What is beauty?  It is a question that Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle grappled with centuries ago.  There is no question that we value, seek out, and appreciate beauty simply because it is beautiful.  It is also a glimpse of God and all that is beautiful in creation:  music, paintings, mathematical theorems, rainbows, and imagination, to name but a few examples.


If we want our children to know God, then we need to help them see, feel, touch, and talk about the beauty around them. Listen to beautiful music and disconnect from the craziness of social media. Put down the phone and look for the delight on the face of your child as she gazes on a rainbow or as he finds the perfect spider web. My children helped me to see so much more beauty in this world.


January is the month of new beginnings so why not make this the month that you join the PTG meetings, the fastest growing parent group at Saint Raphael School.  Don’t miss out on the meeting this coming Wednesday, Jan. 18, at 6 pm, in the Learning Center (aka, school library).  The Saint Raphael School auction is around the corner on Feb. 25!  Help us get the word out about our online auction, fabulous items to bid on, the raffle, and the actual dinner event, Bella Notte.


Wednesday is a busy day!  First of all, it is “Pajama Day,” which means our children can simply roll out of bed and head to school.  It is also our Dine and Donate day at Panera Bread in the Northgate Mall.


Catholic Schools Week runs from Sunday, Jan. 29, to Saturday, Feb. 4.  It is our opportunity to brag about our school and to invite other families to come visit us.  Remember that if you recommend our school to a family that visits us, your family will be entered into a raffle for half off of next year’s registration!


We thank Martin Luther King, Jr., for a beautiful life dedicated to peace.  We thank all those who see beauty in the people around us and work to make this world a better place. We pray for the courage to love beauty, and to teach our children to cherish beauty as a gift from God.


Lydia Collins, Principal

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