Weekly Letter from our Principal

We pray for peace in our communities: surrounded by violence and cries for justice, we hear your voice telling us what is required . . . “only to do justice and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God.” (Micah 6:8)


Dear Saint Raphael Parents & Friends:


This is a story of hands, specifically, my mother’s hands.  She was a peacemaker.  She would reach out her hand and, without speaking a single word, would convey the message, “I love you more than any words could possibly say.”  As a child, I remember her reaching out in the pew at Mass to squeeze my hand. Sometimes her hands were rough from gardening, but her clasp was always gentle and loving. I watched those hands grow older, more wrinkled, and swollen with arthritis. In the last months of her life, when she could not remember words, it was I who gently squeezed her hand to send the message, “I love you more than any words could possibly say.”


My mother taught me how to say “I love you” with a touch of a hand.  I try to remember that as a parent with my own children.  We need to teach our children to be peacemakers and that begins at home.  It begins with parents trying to end a disagreement with “I love you, no matter what.”  Christ calls us to an unconditional love, one that has no room for pride or selfishness.  Try letting your child know that he/she is loved more than words could possibly say; try saying it with the squeeze of a hand.


Thank you to all who came to the Family Mass last Sunday.  We hope to grow in numbers for our next Family Mass on October 9.  By coming to Mass, we help our children know who God is in order to learn how to be the person God meant them to be.


In the category of graduates who are setting the world on fire is Ashley Sanchez, sister of Josh Sanchez (6th grade), who wrote a beautiful poem for Hispanic Heritage month.  (Included in this bulletin.) She is currently a senior at San Domenico High School and started a Latino club at San Domenico.  We are so proud of this talented young writer!


Saint Raphael Parish is having its fundraiser/auction on October 22.  All school families are invited to be a part of this event which raises money for the Capital Campaign.  We directly benefit from the remodeled gym and school bathrooms and this is a way to do our part to say thank you.  Invitations can be found in the school office.


The Halloween Festival is on October 29.  This is a wonderful community-builder, as it takes many hands to prepare the food, run the booths, and sell tickets.  All of San Rafael can get a taste of our fabulous school community.


May we teach our children to be peacemakers in a world that desperately needs more Christ-like people.  May we begin by extending a hand in peace.


Lydia Collins, Principal  

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