Saint Raphael School fosters a Catholic faith that gives meaning and direction to life, challenges and guides our students to pursue academic excellence, and instills within them a spirit of service to God and others. "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on F.I.R.E." -St. Catherine of Siena

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While he was still speaking, people from the synagogue official's house arrived and said,
"Your daughter has died; why trouble the teacher any longer?" Disregarding the message that was reported, Jesus said to the synagogue official, "Do not be afraid; just have faith.”

Mark 5:35-36

Dear Saint Raphael Parents & Friends,

In the Gospel for today, the synagogue official’s daughter had just died. But Jesus says, “Do not be afraid; just have faith.”

Imagine similar moments, yet not as drastic, in our lives:

You are struggling in your marriage. “Do not be afraid; just have faith.”

You lose your job. “Do not be afraid; just have faith.”

The bills are piling up. “Do not be afraid; just have faith.”

You’re losing patience with your children. “Do not be afraid; just have faith.”

You are lost in depression or anxiety. “Do not be afraid; just have faith.”

You are not alone!

And Jesus raised the little girl from the dead; “Little girl, I say to you arise.” If Jesus can raise a child from the dead, then he can give us the strength to face our own problems. “Do not be afraid; just have faith.”

The next line Jesus says is “give her something to eat.” He knows the importance of nourishing the body. Along those lines, check out our “nutrition corner,” in the bulletin. We hope to add parent tips for healthy eating and overall wellness for our children.

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May God grant us the grace of deeper trust and faith in all moments of hardship.

Lydia Collins, Principal

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