Saint Raphael School fosters a Catholic faith that gives meaning and direction to life, challenges and guides our students to pursue academic excellence, and instills within them a spirit of service to God and others. "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on F.I.R.E." -St. Catherine of Siena

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The Eucharist is the never-ending sacrifice. It is the Sacrament of love, the supreme love, the act of love.
St. Katharine Drexel

Dear Saint Raphael Parents and Friends,

“When do I get to receive communion?” As the second graders get closer to the day of their First Communion, perhaps we remember our own longing to be part of the line going up to receive the Eucharist. Somewhere along the way we lose a little bit of that reverence and awe that we felt as children.

March 3 is the Feast Day of St. Katharine Drexel. Born in 1858 in Philadelphia, she founded the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. She believed that this “Sacrament of love” could transform our lives. She is also the patron saint of racial justice and fought for a quality education for the poor. The Drexel schools continue to serve the poor today.

Mrs. Rose seen on Alcatraz! Did you know that Mrs. Rose spent one of her Saturdays taking a class with the National Park Service in order to take students to Alcatraz? This is just one example of our teachers sacrificing personal family time to give our students the best experiences.

This week we have parent-teacher conferences. We consider it our job to celebrate the brilliance of each child. We look forward to sharing that with you.

May God help us to remember the reverence and awe with which we received the Eucharist the first time.

Lydia Collins, Principal

The Archdiocese of San Francisco will close its school buildings, cancel classes, and student-related activities from March 12 - April 7, 2020. This closure applies to Archdiocesan Preschools, Elementary, and High Schools. This closure includes any planned school events such as fundraisers, community events as well as field trips. This closure means that school buildings will not be open to children, parents, or community members during this time.
La Arquidiócesis de San Francisco cerrará sus edificios escolares, cancelando clases y actividades relacionadas con los estudiantes del 12 de Marzo al 7 de Abril de 2020. Esto es para preescolares, escuelas primarias, secundarias y preparatorias. Este cierre incluye cualquier evento escolar planeado, como eventos de recaudación de fondos, eventos comunitarios y paseos. Este cierre significa que los edificios escolares no estarán abiertos para niños, padres o miembros de la comunidad durante este tiempo.
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