Weekly Letter from our Principal

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”   St. Augustine


Dear Saint Raphael Parents & Friends:

I lost my keys.  I went to Mass early on Sunday morning and could not find my keys when I returned to my car.  I looked in every nook and cranny of my purse and, knowing that I had them to lock the car, started to walk back into the church searching the ground for dropped keys. Nothing.  I returned to the pew where I had sat and decided to empty my purse.  There they were! Odd that they were in the section that I had searched multiple times. 

On my way out of the church (again!), I came across someone I had not seen in a while and had meant to contact.  We talked and laughed and made plans to connect this week.  Then the lost keys made sense.  I believe that God has the ability to turn disappointments and discouraging moments into something good.  The average person says, “I lost my keys and then I found them.”  The person of faith sees the hand of God in seemingly ordinary people and events.  Did you see God today?  Did you look for God today?

The Family Mass is this coming Sunday, September 25, at 9 am.  We are encouraging all families to attend.  Not only the children are invited to participate in the Mass, but their parents as well.  There will be hospitality after the Mass, which means donuts, cookies, fruit, juice, and coffee, as well as sharing community. 

Students are testing with the STAR Reading and STAR Math tests.  These tests will give us information on your child’s level in reading and math and will help inform our instruction.  (The younger students in K and 1st grade will use the STAR Early Literacy test.)  Unlike the IOWA test, the STAR tests will be given more than once throughout the year.  The second test will be harder because it will begin where your child left off on the first test.  We hope to see progress between tests and look for growth.  We will know if your child needs support or needs to be challenged as we go through the year. What a great way to use assessments to help our children grow!

Be sure to put Oct. 6 on your calendar as Veritas Family Math Night.  We will have a fun evening seeing the wonderful world of math in a totally different light!

I do not know if I will see signs of God at Saint Raphael School.  I do know that I need to look for God with eyes of faith.  We might all be surprised by what we “see”!

Lydia Collins, Principal

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